When you give me hint

I still remember our conversation even though I had forgot some of the point there. It’s hurt when you said you try to give me hint.

You said if you don’t pick up the phone, not reply text …or reply me with [no thanks busy], this is some sort of  hints.

But I don’t need you to hint me, if we already hold two difference stance in this issues.So, i feels very surprise when you say so.Without suitable responce, I keep mum and figure that will you think my silent is a hint too?

My silent is not a hint, I just not good to express my thought promptly.What a big shock….

I think if we really treat ourself as friend, then you can save all you “hint”, but I don’t think you treat me as friend. ..too…

Ironically, I don’t mind to waver within lover and friend, obviously, it is your choice now. But ,I prefer you don’t choose to hint me, instead of you can tell me straight away.


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