The 20 facts about ME ~ NY

OK, I rewrite…
Nominated by Seet Helios for the 20 facts about me.

1 My name is Nive Yong, a mock chinese with western soul,obviously i stuck in a wrong body.
2 Sagittarius, AB+, left handled, I so proud with this combination.
3 Gendered before, Beyond GENDER, left only Sexuality.
4 A Queen, sometime back to Princess mode.
6 I am a LIGHT-WALKER, travel in a Buddhism path.
7 I  am suffering from memory loss, everything gone except Chinese language proficiency.
8 My memory is extremely short, I think one of my past life is fish.
9 I like dog, panda, what ever thing looks CUTE to me.
10 I have read Kinsey report when i was 16, I have established my thought through this report and refuse to listen to SUPERFICIAL peopleS ANYMORE.
11 I hate Traditional, but I like to see people being manipulated or self-sugarhigh because of it. AS LONG AS I am excluded.
12 I used to quarrel with best friends and only best friends will stayed beside me.
13 Oh yeah, I almost forget I have an elder brother, elder sister (stayed in Paradise now) I miss them, they love me unconditionally. HUH?
14 Food is not my top priority, but I willingly to disclose what I have ate everyday.
15 My math is suck, science is horrible, english is shit, but I still able to write or create good poem.
16 I can’t play instruments BUT I able to compose song.
17 I dislike people pretend like they knew me so well, Hey… no WAY.
18 All my best friend know how to deal with my silent.
19 I unable to work under negative, passive, prejudice condition, I like FREE STYLE.
20 The most ESSENTIAL, I knew my past life.



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