The First Post

The only reason I choose WORDPRESS to share my thought and feeling is because I think I wanted to “closed to you”.

What a romance motive behind my crazy love movement..Almost think and dream of someone everyday and try to find method to solve love sick. Unbelieveable thing happened on me …sigh…..

Anyhow, things happened and it become realized. Finally I have my wordpress blog now. Instead of loving someone like a invisible knight, I think I need a portal to put on all my rage, love and passion of life.

Hence, here we are. WordPress is a river to tumble all my life moment. I love you as deep as I never expect. And I find the way to love myself too.

New year is too close and both of us are too far to each others. I know you not good to understand my thoughts,what a prejudice and irony person..

Anyway, all the past second, it will contains emotion. love and hugs my love.


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